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My eight-year-old granddaughter and I were on the west side of town picking up her new glasses. We live on the far east side of town. Why we had to drive all this way, you'll have to ask … more
We all know people who describe something in a way that means not to offend. Such as when a realtor says that the house is charming or an older person is defined as being in their advanced years. We … more
Recreational-use cannabis was legalized in New Mexico two years ago. Since then, New Mexicans have been enjoying safe and clean cannabis products from legitimate retailers across the state. … more
Downtown Las Cruces is the vibrant pulse of our city, where the essence of our community comes to life. It's a place where residents, employees and visitors converge to celebrate the unique spirit of … more
Enjoy your youth. Because when you get older it’s gonna hurt. Case in point, I've just had a full knee replacement. When I first started having knee issues my doctor suggested I … more
Back pain. If you’ve ever experienced it, you know how debilitating it can be. It can affect everything you do, even the smallest movements, and can appear without warning or with no obvious … more
With the governor’s signing of a new law updating the state’s high school curriculum, New Mexico families now have a prime opportunity to shape local high school course requirements in a … more
Recently Merriam-Webster declared that English sentences may end with prepositions – a bit redundant since, there was never an actual rule against ending sentences with prepositions but, much … more
A film festival is a little bit like a film itself, in that the first thing to get our attention is usually the stars. Ron Perlman, who I remember for his role as the crusty but wily leader of … more
My wife and I were cleaning our oakwood floors downstairs. Wood floors need a good, old fashioned cleaning and waxing several times a year to keep it rich looking, and all that cleaning and … more
I helped a friend write an obituary this week. It was one of those acts of kindness that come after you tell your friend that you are there for them and will do anything, not knowing what anything … more
It's funny about the restaurant I used to buy my mother’s gourmet enchiladas from. What am I talking about? I'm talking about back when my beloved mother was still alive, I'd go over … more
Whenever you think of your grandparents, you think of the things they had but are now long gone. Things that you wish you still had but for some reason don’t. Only grandparents have those kinds … more
For those who remember the Muppet Show on television, one of the joys was seeing celebrity guest stars surrounded by muppet characters, usually in a typhoon of comic mayhem. Today, the Muppet Show is … more
When kids ride in the backseat of a car with friends, they forget a parent is usually sitting behind the wheel listening to everything they say. Years ago, I was driving my … more
In a coffee shop where I like to do my writing, a small group of people broke into a Spanish worship song. I didn’t expect it but it was nice to hear. The group didn’t look like a … more
I have always been puzzled by the crazy names of drugs and medications, especially those advertised on television – and there are plenty. Who comes up with these seemingly randomly lettered … more
The thing about getting older is that you find yourself going to the doctor more often, Blood tests, mammograms if … more
My childhood was unusual in that I spent a great deal of time around a diverse crew of adults, many of whom were argumentative. My parents entertained large gatherings of friends at least twice … more
As president of the Downtown Las Cruces Partnership, I am thrilled to share the excitement surrounding our upcoming New Year's Eve event, the renowned Chile Drop. This free family celebration has … more
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