Zane Richardson awarded Heritage Buckle


Zane Richardson from Sierra County was awarded the 2023 Heritage Buckle at the Sierra County Fair, Oct. 2-6. 

“I am super proud of our youth, they are truly stepping up and carrying on traditions as well as fighting for our way of life”, said Roy Farr, New Mexico Cattle Growers Association Southwest Regional Vice President.  “Our ranching community is in good hands and I am excited to see what the future holds for these kids.”  

To be eligible for the Heritage Buckle award, youth ages 9-15 were asked to provide a 200-500 word essay on how they would continue their family’s agriculture heritage to better their community.

“One of the biggest issues I have learned that I feel would benefit my community is the disconnect between us (the producers) and consumers.  Generally speaking, the typical consumer has no idea how hard it is and the issues we face daily to put food on their tables," Richardson wrote. "One of the biggest burdens placed on us personally is wolves.  Whose existence and guidance for reintroduction is put into place by state and federal agencies and employees driven by environmental groups.  These animal were not historically on the range."

"So, with that being said the best way I feel I could continue my family’s heritage to better my community is to continue to educate consumers on these types of issues that we deal with that they have no idea about.  My parents work very hard to educate and “bring to light” this specific program because of the hardship it causes operation.  I would like to continue that legacy as the disconnect is becoming more and more.”