Police Run Out of Autism Awareness Decal Supplies


The response to the Las Cruces Police Department’s autism awareness decal giveaway has been so overwhelming that supplies were depleted in less than two days.
The window decals – intended to be prominently affixed to the window of a motor vehicle or residence of anyone with autism spectrum disorder – help alert police that an occupant has autism.
Knowing an occupant has autism spectrum disorder helps eliminate misunderstandings that police may have while interacting with them.
The decals were available for free to anyone with autism spectrum disorder and those who care for somebody with autism. LCPD has ordered additional autism awareness decals that should be available within the next few weeks.
April is World Autism Month. LCPD’s “Supporting Autism Awareness” puzzle-piece window decals are brightly colored and in the shape of the departmental patch that’s worn by all uniformed personnel.

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