Peaceful demonstration of Trinity Test, Oct. 21

Downwinders consortium invites participants to meet at WSMR Stallion Range Gate


The Tularosa Basin Downwinders Consortium (TBDC) a volunteer advocacy organization that has been working with local communities, congressional representatives and state legislators to bring attention to negative health effects resultant of the atomic bomb that was detonated at the Trinity Site in South Central New Mexico are organizing a peaceful demonstration at the Stallion Range Gate entrance to the Trinity site. 

The Stallion Range Gate is East of San Antonio on U.S. Highway 380.   Organizers plan to meet at the Stallion Range Gate at 9 a.m. and are encouraging those interested to plan to be onsite for several hours.  The release of the Oppenheimer film is expected to deliver record crowds to the Trinity site this year.

Organizers will be providing the public with updated information on the expansion of the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act to include the people of New Mexico as well as other educational and informative handouts.  Health surveys will also be available for those interested.


“Seventy-eight years have passed since the bomb was detonated at the Trinity site in New Mexico and it’s time to recognize those who were unknowing, unwilling, uncompensated, innocent participants in the world’s largest science experiment." Tina Cordova, one of the organizers, said. "People in New Mexico have been suffering and dying with health issues ever since the bomb was detonated in July 1945”. 

Organizers are inviting everyone who has been affected, who has had a family member that’s been affected or who has an interest in the issue to attend.  For more information contact Tina Cordova at 505-897-6787.

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