On youth athletics


Dear editor,

Western New Mexico University students were asked to participate in service learning. The group they volunteered for was the SWAG organization, a group that helps adolescents stay active. This helps our youth stay active, prevent anxiety, help with depression and stop them from forming unhealthy habits.

With winter being over and spring rolling around, SWAG is promoting more outdoor activity as they are offering training for outdoor sports. SWAG’s main purpose is to engage with kids and promote social activity. Participating in their hours with the local youth baseball team, they learned that through playing baseball the kids form a coping mechanism. With there not being as many kids, it helped the WNMU students bond with the youth on a personal level.

Baseball season in the spring is something that the kids can look forward to. In Silver City, the wintry weather can hinder the youth from participating in the necessary outdoor activities crucial to their development. The kids can learn how to work with others in a team setting that helps them build important lifelong skills.

The WNMU students are thankful to work with the youth, as it helps form a bond with these kids and helps with anxiety and depression in their own lives.

Carlos Caranza


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