Vexus investing $50 million for fiber network in Las Cruces


Fiber optic internet provider Vexus Fiber recently completed phase one of a $250 million new fiber network in Albuquerque, projected for completion in 2028.

Last week, the company said it broke ground on a new network in Las Cruces as well, which it says will bring high speed fiber optic internet service to more than 44,000 homes in the city.

Unlike providers offering fixed broadband or mobile service, Vexus Fiber builds fiber-to-doorstep service to subscribers and is promising speeds up to 5 gigs (or 5,000 megabits per second), with the first 400 premises able to start service by the end of March, according to a statement from the company.

Vexus has committed $50 million in private capital to wiring Las Cruces up to its 10-gigabit network, and is projecting up to 100 construction jobs while the fiber lines are installed followed by up to 50 permanent jobs maintaining service.

“It’s an exciting time for high-speed internet,” Vexus CEO Jim Gleason stated in a news release. “We are planning an aggressive schedule for construction and installation for several phases over the next few months. Las Cruces will soon have some of the fastest internet service available anywhere. We are proud to offer a new choice in internet providers as well. Our mission is to transform Las Cruces into a gigacity, delivering high-tech, future-proof fiber internet to the area.”

Vexus emphasized the value of highest-available broadband connections for video conferences, consolidated digitally-based communication systems and cloud-based storage that have become increasingly standard features.

The company said residents in construction areas will receive written notice of work near them 30 days in advance, or can receive email updates by signing up at (The same page allows people to learn more about the services, if they are interested in becoming customers.) The company advised residents to watch for branded vehicles and ID tags to verify workers’ relationship with Vexus.

The company serves residential and business customers in Texas, New Mexico and Louisiana.

Although New Mexico was allocated more than $675 million in federal money under the Broadband Equity, Access and Deployment program, officials have expressed doubts that it will build a network connecting regions that lack adequate service, particular in rural areas like those surrounding the Las Cruces metropolitan area. Extending high-speed internet is judged critical for economic development and equity for lower-income residents who need to access education and health care services as remote services become more important.

Vexus promises its network will offer symmetrical speeds, meaning download and upload speeds would be equal, which is associated with easier and faster transfers of files from cloud-based services and easing slowdowns during higher-traffic periods of the day, as well as convenience for streaming or downloading movies and games. Asymmetrical connections, by comparison, tend to be less expensive and an alternative for customers who do less uploading.

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