’Vanya & Sofia & Masha & Spike’

Community Theatre Presents Comedy At El Sol


“’Vanya & Sofia & Masha & Spike’ by Christopher Durang, has been called wickedly, delightfully funny. And, Silver City Community Theatre (SCCT) will perform the 2013 Tony Award-winning play at El Sol Theater, March15-18, 22-24,” according to Jim Charleston, SCCT Board Member, the production’s Producer and lead character.

“What’s more, SCCT is doing something new. We are pleased to announce that The Historic Murray Hotel and La Vie est un Bistro have joined with SCCT to offer a hotel, dinner, and theater package. It’s a real bargain too, starting at just $129. For information and tickets, go to www.silvercitycommunitytheater.com.

“The play is basically about life’s choices,” Charleston says. “Vanya and Sonia have spent their adult years trapped in mundane lives at their family’s cottage, caring for their ailing parents. Meanwhile, their sister Masha, a glamorous movie star, has traveled the world in decadent style. After their soothsayer/cleaning woman Cassandra warns Vanya and Sonia of impending doom, Masha arrives unannounced, accompanied by her hunky young lover Spike. When Masha reveals plans that will upend the family, long-repressed resentments bubble over in a weekend full of wild costume parties, voodoo dolls and surprise romance.”

Director Brenda McFarlane says, “I'm super excited about bringing this play to Silver City not only is it hilarious and endlessly entertaining but also I think many of us can relate to the story.

“The main characters are at the point in their lives when they no longer see the world as being full of endless possibilities. Christopher Durang tells us a story of three siblings who are reluctantly and awkwardly transitioning into their older selves.  As the characters hilariously fight the aging process, we get to witness how the loss of their hopes and dreams makes room in their lives for unexpected joys. So even as the characters mourn for the past, what slips into their lives is new possibilities, the beauty of nature, and the comfort of family ties.

“The cast is a spectacular blend of familiar favorites and fresh faces. It is rich with talent and may be the best group I’ve ever had the chance to work with. What’s more, they are funny! We've been laughing a lot in rehearsals. I'm so very lucky to have Linda Bluestone join the cast. I think she is a unique comic genius. She plays the cleaning lady, and if you come just to see her that’s reason enough! But there’s a lot more!

“Hallie Harris plays the aging actress, Masha, and even though she is a little too young for the role, she's nailing it. Hallie is amazing to work with; she gives so much…her talent practically bursts into all she touches. She makes each one of us better. We are unbelievably lucky to have her in the cast and working in theatre here in Silver City.

“Kris Isom is new to town and new to theatre. We sort of roped her into the role of Vanya's sister, Sonia. Her learning curve has been nothing short of amazing. To say she is a natural is an understatement.  

“The role of Vanya is the lead and appears throughout the play. Jim Charleston manages the delicate balance of carrying the show and allowing the show to carry him along. The character he plays is quiet, drily funny and understated, well, until he isn't. Jim manages this expertly, bringing the whole play together with a subtlety you might not even notice. He is also new to town, and I'm already thinking about how to use his talent as a performer again and also his expertise as a scriptwriter.

“As usual, we had trouble finding our younger performers. David Smith stepped up for us playing the role of Spike. A deceptively challenging role as the character appears throughout the play as the superficial young eye-candy. David has got to be the nicest most thoughtful person to play a somewhat self-involved character. His approach to the play is both charming and entertaining. You really must come and see how he approaches this role.

“Finally, we managed to score Monique Reyes in the part of Nina. This woman is a delight to work with and her positive attitude not only works for the character but keeps the entire cast uplifted. I love working with her and am honored to have her with us. She understood the role immediately and has a dance background I've found invaluable. She is the jewel of our cast.”

“Last but not least, let’s not forget our fine Director, Brenda McFarlane; she brings a rich and diverse theatre experience and education to this production,” according to MaryAnn Marlar, SCCT President. “Brenda had her own theater company, writing and directing for years in Canada before finally landing in Silver City. SCCT is delighted to have her rich talent.

 “You can enjoy this great production of Christopher Durang’s wickedly funny play at El Sol Theater, 406 N Bullard St. Performances will be Friday through Monday, March 15-18, and Friday through Sunday, March 22-24. Sunday matinees are at 2 pm; all other performances are at 7 pm. Go to https://www.silvercitycommunitytheater.com to buy tickets in advance and for information about the Hotel, Dinner, Theater package.”


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