Stan Ford


Stan Ford is an award-winning nature photographer specializing in landscapes and wildlife. He works primarily in the public lands of the American West and Southwest. Ford’s formal education led him to earn degrees in biology (B.S.) and natural resources (M.A), and his artistic style draws upon his knowledge and experience in these fields. His work was included in “Nature Photographer” in his articles “Yosemite: Beyond the Icons” and “Textures, Shapes & Colors.” Ford’s photographs have been exhibited in shows and publications and have earned numerous awards. In 2016, Ford was named by the National Parks Arts Foundation as the National Park Service’s first-ever artist in residence at Pecos National Historical Park. Photographing nature and documenting his experiences has become his raison d'être. Ford is honored to be able to share his work with others and hopes visitors will enjoy his images as much as he did capturing them. Website: