Shaking the Tree Performing Arts Festival

Silver City Mother’s Day weekend festival held at Oasis Tea & Coffee Shop


In Silver City Mother’s Day weekend features the Shaking the Tree festival held at Oasis Tea & Coffee Shop, 714 N. Bullard St. in Silver City. On May 12 and 13 the Green Show is from 4 -6 p.m. with dinner at 6 and “Poker Queens of Silver City” begins at 7 p.m.

On Sunday, May 14 Mother’s Day Sunday brunch is at 12:30 with the Poker Queens performance following at 2 p.m.

The Green Show Friday includes comedic monologues “Audition” and “Marks” from last year’s “Shaking the Tree” Featured Presentation and “Talking With…” presented by MaryAnn Marlar and Kimber Etheredge; a staged reading from Heidi Schreck’s “What the Constitution Means to Me” by Patrick Kosiorek and Wendy Spurgeon and Original music from Blacklight: Sarah Thrasher and Billy Dominguez; as well as comedy from Starlight Theatre’s smash hit, “The Importance of Being Earnest”  with Mikie Iacono and Wendy Spurgeon.

“Poker Queens of Silver City” is an original comedy based on historical Silver City characters by Joanie Connors and Chris Wellman. “Poker Queens” is a new play in development sponsored by Silver City Community Theatre. According to SCCT Board President, MaryAnn Marlar, “SCCT is really pleased to participate in Oasis’ first annual performing arts festival.” 

The cast of “Poker Queens of Silver City,” includes Phyllis McQuaide, Terry Sankovitz, Sarah Thrasher, Aletha Jordan, Kristin Iacono, Bill Bradford, Gregg Jarrette, Akien Macian, Joe Saenz, Mikie Iacono and more.

Day two of the Green Show features a musical revue of “Annie Jr.”, starring the Young Players of Aldo Leopold, “the G-man” Gregg Garrette and Hallie Harris; an encore performances from May Day’s Shakespeare in the Ditch”; and Musical performances by Chandra Visser and Wendy Spurgeon.

Tickets can be found at Just $10 or "Pay What You Can" opens up all of the weekend's entertainment for in the comfort of your own home.