A new wash for Desert Exposure


I love my shower.

This is because it’s neat, organized, everything is in its place. The products are the ones I love: the scents, the froth on the body wash. The right shampoo and face wash are always there on the window ledge and my Scrunchie awaits. Everything matches the quilt shower curtain my mom made for me forever ago. It makes me happy to step onto the clean shower mat and not listen to music or podcast and not think about the upcoming day or yesterday.

But sometimes things must change – the shower mat has to go, the body wash runs out, the Scrunchie falls apart and the curtain liner gets a bit yellow. Do I duplicate exactly the things that are gone? Nope, I look for new tones, new scents to try, maybe a different texture for the Scrunchie, and it becomes an adventure, an experience, a discovery.

Adventure, experience, discovery is what we reach for in Desert Exposure too. I love our explorations, our columns and our directions. I love Desert Exposure and the myriad experiences it has brought me, especially the humans who touch my life daily and whose stories resonate through these deserts and mountains. There are so many places to visit and stories to tell, adventures to find in southern New Mexico, all of which have led us to refresh our paper a little by shifting things around to provide you with more of those Adventures.

Whether traveling to Truth or Consequences for a mineral soak, the Gila Wilderness for a horse-back jaunt, a wine festival in Tularosa or a lumberjack festival in Cloudcroft, Desert Exposure can lead you there and take you behind the scenes to reveal the back story.

Let me know where you want to go, and I will make sure you hear about it. Do you love history? Relaxation? Romance? Wild places? Shopping? Send me a note and we will explore together.