Paul Maxwell


Paul Maxwell began art as a little boy making squiggles on paper, but it was always something he was passionate about. As a young man he turned to other ways of being creative but has found himself drawn back to being creative through color, light, paint and brushstrokes on canvas or paper. “A bit of the squiggles are still there, but now, after many years, I have life experience that pulls on me to try to better capture what I see, what I feel, and to share that with others,” he said. “I have traveled and lived in many parts of the world, so the subjects of my paintings vary from European, Asian-Pacific and southwestern landscapes, people or whatever. Whether I am painting in acrylic, oil or watercolor, I am always trying to communicate-create the emotion of whatever subject I am painting. Sometimes I am more successful than other times, but I have fun just in the trying.” Website: