Pancho Villa State Park to Commemorate Camp Furlong Day


Pancho Villa State Park in Columbus commemorates Camp Furlong Day  on Saturday, March 9.

Pancho Villa State Park is located on the former site of Camp Furlong—which was caught in a surprise attack by Mexican General Francisco “Pancho” Villa on March 9, 1916. The site is now a National Historic Landmark.

The celebration event is part of the greater Fiesta de Amistad in the border village of Columbus in Luna County, south of Deming, and will include historical presentations. Educational activities also are scheduled at the Village of Columbus Plaza, the Columbus Train Depot Museum and at the park.

Tours and presentations are as follows:

8:30 AM – Guided historical tour of the village of Columbus.

1:00 PM – Professor Glenn Minuth, Cochise College (Douglas, Ariz.): “A Battle During the Mexican Expedition.” As tensions amplified between the U.S. and Mexico (during the Carranza government), U.S. Army Mexican Expedition columns pressed deeper into Mexico. We will look beyond the Expedition’s initial “Pursuit Phase” and the subsequent “Patrol District Actions” towards the “End of Active Operations” by investigating one significant battle.

2:00 p.m. – Dr. Andy Hernandez, Western New Mexico University (Silver City):

“Plan de San Diego.” The Plan of San Diego was a plan drafted in San Diego, Texas, in 1915 by a group of unidentified Mexican and Tejano rebels who hoped to seize Arizona, New Mexico, California, and Texas from the United States. The plan was never attempted. It called for a general uprising in February 1915, and the assassination of every non-Hispanic Caucasian male over 16 years of age. The arena included all of South Texas. Germans were excluded from the killings. The San Diego Plan collapsed immediately on discovery.

3:00 PM – Guided tour of the Pancho Villa State Park Exhibit Hall.

Regular day-use and camping fees apply. The State Parks Division is housed within the Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department. For more information about Camp Furlong Day, call 575-531-2711 or visit online by clicking here

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