Jean-Robert P. Béffort


Jean-Robert P. Béffort is a mixed-media assemblage sculpture and collage artist who lives in Silver City and operates a 4,000 square-foot contemporary studio and art gallery called a)Sp…”A” © E that he founded in 2009. Béffort features local, out-of-the-box artists, provides studio space, hosts art installations, openings and intermittent music and poetry events on the performance stage. An innovative and interactive DIY component is “A” public art area where visitors are invited to make their own assemblage sculptures from found and recycled objects in the Art-on-“A”-Stick creation space dubbed The Land of Empowerment. A recent addition at the back of the gallery is an outdoor sculpture garden of metal and clay sculptures by newer artists that can be viewed from the safety of your car if you happen to be driving by. Website: