Editor's Notebook

Putting the Past Behind Us


Almost 25 years ago I signed up with a new company called Netflix. I think I was paying a little over $4 a month and getting as many movies on disk in the mail a as fast as I could watch and return them. As I have always loved film, that was a lot.

In college, I went to so many movies (at the $1 theater) my step-father dubbed me “entertainment-monger,” I suppose I am still that way. But times change and streaming is now the thing. Netflix was certainly at the forefront of that medium too, for just over $7, I could get most of the movies in their catalog on my home screen. The phrase “Netflix and Chill” was born, many other entities jumped on that streaming bandwagon looking for a share of my pocketbook.

Today I have subscriptions to several of those. They vie for my attention with selection and quality products and sadly, Netflix has fallen behind in selection but costs the most, now drawing more than $17 a month from my bank account. Time to change, to let go. It’s hard, I feel like I was there at the beginning and should stick with it. But, well, there are things I still want to do with my life and all these bits here and there are eating away at me.

I must add that to my change list, let go of Netflix, rearrange the shed, shift the look of Desert Exposure. I guess you noticed, we have a new printer and a new shape. I was doubtful about this change too, but I find I love the new look, it actually gives me more freedom with design and space to share with you. Happy to have you, my loyal readers, marching onward into the future with me.