Charter schools put students and families first


For many families living in New Mexico, especially those living in poverty, the opportunity to send their children to a quality private school is not always a reality. In these circumstances, charter schools can provide a free alternative to traditional public schools. Charter schools offer families the potential to dramatically improve their child’s education experience and future prospects.

National School Choice Week (observed last week) shines a light on the importance of letting parents determine where their kids are educated, not ZIP codes.

Many parents throughout my district have decided to send their kids to charter schools like Estancia Valley Classical Academy. This academy is committed to offering a high-quality education to its students, particularly those from low-income backgrounds.

With a focus on classical education principles, charter schools provide a rigorous curriculum that emphasizes critical thinking, character development and civic responsibility. Key life skills that will help our kids succeed as adults.

These schools also recognize the importance of personalized attention and support for their students. Teachers at Estancia Valley Classical Academy set high expectations for their students while offering individualized assistance to help them reach their full potential. This dedication to academic excellence has proven successful, with students consistently achieving high levels of learning and achievement.

In addition to providing an individualized learning environment, Estancia Valley Classical Academy also offers smaller class sizes, enabling teachers to give personalized attention to each student. This individualized approach benefits at-risk students who may require extra support in order to succeed academically.

This is how our schools should be: putting the needs of parents and students first.

The Estancia Valley Classical Academy and other charter schools in New Mexico are committed to traditional curricula that prepare our children for a competitive economy. These schools offer a wide range of subjects and educational opportunities beyond the scope of traditional public schools. By fostering a well-rounded education, students are encouraged to explore different areas of interest and develop a diverse set of skills, ultimately preparing them for future success.

I’m proud to represent the families served by Estancia Valley Classical Academy. They offer an invaluable opportunity for low-income and at-risk students to receive a quality education. By providing a resilient learning environment, smaller class sizes and curricula focused on life skills, EVCA empowers families with more options to meet their children’s educational needs. As we celebrate National School Choice Week, it is important to recognize and support the invaluable asset that charter schools, like Estancia Valley Classical Academy, provide to New Mexico’s low-income families.

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