Charlie Meckel


Though the world is constantly shifting, some things remain steadfastly in place. For oil painter Charlie Meckel, whose life has been full of change and movement, art has always been one of his important constants. Meckel’s art has been influenced by the work of many masters of the past, including Neel, Wyeth, Cassat, Van Gogh and Rembrandt. His paintings have been praised as “highly expressive” and “soothing and moving.” One writer said, “Meckel is an artist of the western tradition. His thirst for knowledge and grasp of the sublime have led him to participate in an extensive and full lineage of traditional painting masters. He imbues each piece with deep observation, skill and aesthetic soul.” Meckel feels that his mission as an artist is to contribute to the continuing rich tradition of western representational oil painting that has inspired his own artistic journey. Website: