Carrie Greer


Carrie Greer discovered she loved working in wax in the 1970s. She said it’s been a “happy progression” from candles to batik on cloth and batik on paper that recently it morphed into a most incredible experience called encaustic. Encaustic is painting with hot wax that has resin and color pigments added. The wax is applied to a substrate and heated with a heat gun or blow torch. In an artist’s statement, Greer said, “The wax calls to me as I enter into a journey with it, it invites me to places unknown. We set out on a loosely charted course. The destination becomes visible as the flame has its way with the wax. Along the way it demands I choose a direction to use more heat, add color or to embellish with a shellac burn. These not-so-subtle additions morph into a destination, but there is no finality with wax; melt and begin again.” Website: