'Atomic Rocketeer' shows for 2 days at the Flickinger in Alamogordo


"The Atomic Rocketeer" is a 2024 documentary from Larry L. Sheffield that tells the complete story of Wernher Von Braun, the German scientist and his band of German Rocketeers that was acquired by the Americans days after the fall of Germany.

The film that tells the untold story about Von Braun’s efforts to build a novel weapon to win World War II which became the largest project every taken by Hitler and his Nazi command.  

The results didn’t turn the tide of the war for the Germans but did gain the intense interest of the United States which led to a secret mission called “Operation Paperclip”.

This led to the Americans taking the Nazi dream of Rockets and pivoting the German efforts to the American Advantage despite whatever cost.

The Americans choose the remote New Mexico desert to start the first rocket proving ground. Amazing recent discovered footage tells this compelling story.

Award-winning producer Larry L. Sheffield, has garnered 22 national and international film festival awards to date, including “Best Historical Film” for 2023 at the Cannes World Film Festival in Cannes, France.

Sheffield’s films are known for their use of rare footage, photographs, de-classified military documents, and compelling interviews, combined with his unique talent for bringing the story and history to life on the big screen.

“This story effects every human being on earth that wants to learn the history behind humans discovering the quest for space and beyond,” said Sheffield.

Sheffield’s films are part of a series of documentaries, created to preserve on film, events that happened in New Mexico around the Manhattan Project, the Trinity Site Nuclear Test, Operation Paperclip, and other military events that shaped human history between 1945-1950 in New Mexico.

The complete story of what happened in the New Mexico desert with German Nazi scientist is now available in this epic documentary.

The film will show at the Flickinger Center in Alamogordo on May 31, 2024, at 6PM and June 1, at 6PM.  Advance Tickets are available on the Flickinger website or at the door. https://flickingercenter.com/