Silver City Community Theatre Invites New Board Members

Annual meeting Saturday


The annual meeting of Silver City Community Theatre (SCCT) will take place at 2 p.m. Saturday, March 18, at the SILCO Theater in Silver City, according to SCCT Secretary Carol Gadda.

“We’ll start off with a performance by the 6–10-year-olds from SCCT’s Spring Break Drama Camp," she said. "We’ll do a little business; then we’ll have a good time getting together as theatre fans and planning SCCT’s 2023-24 Season. The popcorn and soda are on SCCT."

Apply to Join SCCT Board

Anyone who wants to make theatre happen is invited to bring their management and fundraising skills to our Board of Directors. For more information and to apply, email SCCT President, MaryAnn Marlar: New board members will be elected at the meeting. SCCT would like to  invite those with social media, website, and organizational skills to join taskforces and work with board members.

The 2023-24 Season

“We’re really looking forward to sharing plans for 2023-24 with SCCT’s members at the meeting," Gadda said. "Performances, trainings and workshops are planned as are more youth drama camps like the camp whose students will perform at the meeting.”