NMDA ‘Lookbook’ has New Mexico gifts, recipes, holiday traditions


The New Mexico Department of Agriculture’s (NMDA) New Mexico Taste the Tradition Holiday Lookbook is a 28-page online holiday gift guide “that highlights products grown in the state, from pecans to chile,” NMDA said in a news release.

The Lookbook includes companies that are members of the NEW MEXICO–Taste the Tradition and –Grown with Tradition logo program, which was created in 2000 to promote New Mexico products and identify them as grown or made in the state.

One of the companies featured in the lookbook is New Mexico Sabor, an award-winning salsa company that distributes the taste of enchantment to consumers across the United States.

“We are so thrilled to be in this lookbook,” said New Mexico Sabor owner Carla Gallegos-Ortega. “This book will allow New Mexico products to be seen outside of New Mexico, giving us greater exposure. We saw a major increase in sales after our article in New Mexico True magazine, so we can only imagine what this is going to bring us!”

New Mexico products aren’t the only items being showcased in the lookbook. On page seven of the book, you can find a list of New Mexico holiday traditions. For example, champurrado is “a chocolate-based warm and thick Mexican beverage prepared with either masa de maiz, masa harina or corn flour, piloncillo (unrefined sugar), water or milk and occasionally containing cinnamon, anise seed or vanilla.” You can also learn about chile ristras and wreaths and luminarias and farolitos, tamales, pozole and biscochitos, tumbleweed snowmen and Las Posadas.

You will also find holiday recipes like ham and egg biscuit with green chile gravy, pecan crusted chicken nuggets, pumpkin bizcochito cheesecake. Southwest corn bake and New Mexico Chile Shakshouka.

To view the Lookbook, visit www.elevatenmag.com or www.elevatenmag.com/holiday-lookbook-2022.