Create a tiny house model at the free make-and-take event


Silver City MainStreet/Arts & Cultural District is partnering with the Future Forge and various community groups and artists to offer an arts and cultural experience to residents of Grant county. Make-and-Take activities will be from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. every Saturday at the Maker’s Market at Main Street Plaza, May through October.

On Saturday, June 26, Joseph Kennedy, a member of the Silver City Art Association invites you to make a Tiny House Model. Joseph F. Kennedy of Living Earth Art + Design will show you how to make a model tiny house using simple household materials such as cardboard, tape and plasticine clay. You can add to the tiny house as it gets built or take your piece home to work on it further with your own materials. Kennedy states, “While we work we’ll chat about why tiny houses are such an important affordable housing option.”

Born in New York and raised in San Diego, Joseph F. Kennedy is an architectural designer and fine artist. Joseph is well-known for his writing, photography and ink illustrations in the award-winning Art of Natural Building and other publications. He is a two-time winner of publication grants from the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts. He has taught design around the world in both community and academic settings, most recently as a professor at the NewSchool of Architecture in San Diego, where he taught architectural design studio and graphic representation for many years. He is a pioneer in the natural building and tiny house movements, and is currently developing new ideas for creating sustainable communities, not only on Earth, but on the Moon and Mars as well. 

The Silver City Art Association is offering Make-and-Takes and has gone above and beyond, scheduling most of the Saturdays with artists from their organization. The Silver City Art Association is a non-profit organization of galleries, studios, and independent artists celebrating and supporting visual arts in Silver City, NM through promotion, events and education. They may be best known for the Red Dot Weekend at the Galleries.

The Future Forge is providing the space for the Make and Take table at the Maker’s Market, held May through October on Saturdays from 10 am to 2 pm at the Main Street Plaza in downtown Silver City.  This table will be used to offer free, family oriented activities for residents of Grant county. Silver City MainStreet offers a small stipend for supplies in addition to a table and chairs.

The purpose is to provide an arts and cultural experience for youth and families. Art experiences are not readily available in Grant county, and this is a great opportunity for youth to experience art and see Makers selling their work at the Maker’s Market. It makes art more relevant, especially as a way to earn income.

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The mission of Silver City MainStreet is "To encourage a vibrant, historic downtown Silver City that is recognized as the heart of our diverse community." Please visit our website, to learn more.