County fails to act on fireworks


Apparently common sense doesn't make sense anymore where the Doña Ana County

commissioners are concerned. In the middle of an extended, severe drought, the

commissioners voted 3-2 against imposing greater restrictions on the use of fireworks that

could easily spark a fire. The city of Las Cruces has already voted to ban the sale and use of

aerial explosives and most incendiary devices, but has only seven officers to patrol the entire city to make sure residents are in compliance. So, with the county's lack of action, that leaves

Mesilla and Anthony left to do the only right and sane thing this 4th of July holiday by

enacting a ban on the sales and use of dangerous aerial fireworks, firecrackers and the like.

Do they really need the fireworks business that badly endangers their residents and those

living on the outskirts of those towns?


Rob McCorkle

Las Cruces

opinion, fireworks